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Another Christmas Love Song Book Cover


Short Story Sequel to Another Love Book One



I just want to make sure everything goes right. The mother meeting the boyfriend thing? Its enough to make my skin crawl like tiny Christmas elves stomping all over my skin. But I'm ready. I've got the mistletoe, the delicious Christmas dinner, and the music...As long as everything goes as planned this Christmas is going to be fantastic.



The only gift I need is her smile. She gives me comfort, something I've been missing since my mother passed. Even though I have to meet her mama, I know Christmas is going to be great because my father won't be there. Nothing can spoil this this day.


Tis the season and all that right? Just as long as everything goes as planned. But the thing about plans is they change. Gee whiz, it's Christmas.

Content and Trigger Warnings: social anxiety, holiday grief

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